The Team Elegant Driver disputes the Crèdit Andorrà Gseries that are held at the Circuit Andorra Pas de la Casa during the winter months. This Championship allows you to live a unique driving experiences on a fun and technical surface such as snow or ice. The Championship enjoys a high level of professional race car drivers and an excellent repercussion in the media with coverage of all races on the main national and international television and online networks.

The philosophy of our team is the same as for our entire project, we offer a premium quality service and attention to detail to our drivers/clients to ensure them a truly once-in-a- lifetime experience. we offer a premium quality service and attention to detail to our drivers/clients to ensure them a truly once-in-a- lifetime experience.

Circuit services

Our Team has its own pits where our mechanics work and give technical assistance to the team as well as the cars. It is equipped with led screens, to be able to follow the racing timers and related information. Also, there are heaters to maintain warmed enough the pits.

Right above of the pits, we have our VIP Boxes so that our drivers and their companions, can be in a comfortable area while watching the races from a privileged area. All together with panoramic views to the track, led screens to follow the races and related information. Catering is also available for our guests, all in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Catering is also available for our guests, all in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Communication services

The team offers a wide audiovisual package which includes a large set of photographs, video highlights, onboard cameras, press releases … so that the entire experience is recorded and can be shared with personal sponsors, specific media and of course with all your friends. Because as we well know, half of happiness lies in sharing it. And of course, you would be incredibly happy to share this amazing experience!

Technical services

Elegant Driver gives the possibility of doing several sessions with a professional coach on different surfaces, these can be held days before the event. With our logistics team, all support is provided to guarantee maximum comfort for our drivers.

Our Racing cars

This 2021 season the team has 3 cars, these are the Giand Car by PCR Sport prototypes. A light, powerful, docile and very fun prototype. It is equipped with a 1,300 cc engine, 6-speed sequence gearbox and 4-wheel drive. A real missile to surely live the most racing experience possible of piloting. Each vehicle has its own engineer, so the pilot is always covered in the technical aspects of the cars, and of course by the guidance of our coaches who analyze the piloting of each racing session.


CHAMPIONS 2019 and 2020


The 2019 and 2020 seasons have been spectacular.

ELEGANT DRIVER in 2019 the team finished with first place in the championship with Miquel Socias and third place with Pedro Font. In 2020 we achieved the first 2 positions of the championship, Xevi Pons has been proclaimed absolute winner and Miquel Socias took second place on the podium. During these two years several drivers were part of the team and received technical advice from the team, engineers and coaching from our official drivers.

Many thanks to the reliability, effectiveness on continuous development of the Peugeot 208 R5 developed by Calm Competició.

Drivers, family, friends, sponsors, and various companies have enjoyed the entire infrastructure that surrounds Elegant Driver.

Everyone has been able to enjoy a unique experience in the races on snow, the spectacular nature of the discipline and the surroundings of the circuit. The organization in charge of the direction and team of the Andorran circuit, has been fundamental to achieve the best events organization and to provide the best infrastructure for the Pits and also at our ELEGANT DRIVER team VIP.


We started a new era, the new evolution of the GIAND 2021 is ready for its debut. In 2018 Miquel Socias won in the GIAND category and from ELEGANT DRIVER we have the illusion and the desire to keep improving and evolving so that our drivers are at the top of the podium.


The Crèdit Andorrà Gseriesis a championship that takes place at the Circuit Andorra Pas de la Casa. This circuit is located at 2,400 metersof altitude in an incomparable environment, with the mountains of the Andorran Pyrenees surrounding the site. The facilities are fully equipped with various modules such as boxes, VIP lounges, press area, etc.

The experience of this championship is unique as there is only few places in the world where it is possible to compete on ice and snow conditions and in a safe and extremely comfortable way.

Another of the very outstanding points to consider of this championship is that it has a unique broadcasting coverage and diffusion. With extensive reports in all media, especially on television with programs on the main national and international platforms.

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